How to Customize Your Luggage Tag

If you are in the business of traveling or air ticketing then, offering customised luggage tags would make the ultimate promotional product for your business. Considering the scope of your industry, you can never have too many promotional products; in fact, everyday is a day to explore promotional item for you that you can utilise to make your clients and customers happy.

Luggage tags are important for identifying suitcases at baggage claims. Investing in unique shaped tags can help with making your luggage tag pop. The following are few of the proven promotional products luggage tag design tips:

  • Have a contingent budget
  • Keeps thing simple
  • Go for colourful and vibrant print
  • Think outside the box
  • Creative ways to use luggage tags: Handle Wraps

    Handle wraps are firmly attached to your luggage using Velcro. Bright colors and extra padding make your bags easier to spot and more comfortable to carry.


    Magnetic luggage tags look like any ordinary tag and are attached to your luggage by a plastic loop. The magnets do a good job of keeping your important details sealed up.


    You can fill out the standard luggage ID label or slide in your own business card. Regardless, slips are easy to use and come in a wide range of colors.


    With custom shapes, you can personalise your tag any way you want! There are many shapes to choose from, including flip flops, paw prints, airplanes, and even suitcases.


    Straps are a great way to spot your bags quickly and keep them tightly shut. After all, it’s like a colourful belt that goes around your entire suitcase!


    While finding your luggage is a top priority, so is keeping your belongings safe. Luggage tag and lock combos are perfect for making sure your bags are returned to you without someone stealing your things.